Common vacuum forming machine

Plastic sheet machine can be used for PP, PE, PS and other raw materials production

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
In life, we often widely used plastic cup, dish, bowl,, boxes and other articles for daily use, but very few people know how they are made to produce oh. They are to produce plastic sheet machine, sheet machine is mainly suitable for the production of various types of polyethylene ( PE) The polypropylene ( PP) And polystyrene ( PS) As raw material of plastic sheets. Yet for this machine, few people know to its usefulness. It is suitable for the transportation, construction, electronics, such as widely used, is extremely convenient, control is also very advanced at the same time, the volume is very small. With the increasing of domestic demand, the purpose of the plastic, more and more, also with the increasing dosage, prospects for the future, producing new selling point. In the sheet with multi-layer composite sheet production line, investment, relatively less competitive, to the market demand of the market is big, unilateral sheet machine, less investment, the market price is good, can eat more recycled materials, reduce cost, reduce the unnecessary waste.
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