Plastic molding machine - Mechanical use

by:Mengxing     2020-04-18
Plastic molding machine processing using is an engineering technology, the content involved is the BOPS thermoforming machine into plastic products of all kinds of craft. In the transformation process the following one or more of the following may happen, such as polymer rheological and physical and chemical properties change, etc. Compression molding with compressor is the main equipment and mold. Press with mostly self-contained hydraulic press, tonnage varies from dozens of tons to hundreds of tons. Have on the downstroke pressure machine and hydraulic press. Used for compression molding mold known as the lid, divided into three categories; Material overflow type mold, half material overflow type mold not overflow type mold. The main advantage of the compression molding can be moulded large flat products and mass production, its defect is long production period and low efficiency. Laminated molding laminating machine operation, the commonly used between the press clamp and fixed clamp with multilayer floating hot platen. Laminated molding commonly used reinforced materials have cotton, glass cloth, paper, such as asbestos cloth, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, unsaturated polyester and some of the thermoplastic resin. Injection blow molding of coated hot melt extrusion blow moulding sheet machine apply fluidized spray flame spraying electrostatic spraying, plasma spraying. Extrusion is also called the extrusion molding or extrusion, for it is in the extruder by heat, pressure and make the material to flow state by continuous mouth mold forming method. Extrusion method is mainly used for thermoplastic plastic molding, can also be used for some thermosetting plastic. Products are continuous profiles extrusion, such as pipe, wire rods, plates, film, wire and cable coating layer, etc. In addition, can also be used for plastic mixing and plasticizing granulation, shading, blending, etc. Playing cup extrusion machine by extrusion device, driving mechanism and main parts such as heating and cooling system. Extruder screw ( Single screw and a screw) And plunger type two kinds. The extrusion process is continuous, the latter is intermittent. The basic structure of single-screw extruder mainly includes the transmission device, feeding device, cylinder, screw, the nose and mouth mold parts. Extrusion machine auxiliary equipment had the material processing equipment ( Such as conveying and dry) , extrusion processing equipment ( Finalize the design, cooling, traction, blanking or roll roll) Control equipment and production conditions such as three categories. Pultrusion molding is one of the thermosetting fibre reinforced plastics molding method. Used in production profile is fixed, the length of the unlimited profiles. Molding process is the impregnating resin adhesive solution of continuous fiber pull by the heating mode, and then by heating room make further solidified resin and preparation of unidirectional continuous high strength reinforced plastic profiles. Usually used for pultrusion molding resin with unsaturated polyester, epoxy and silicone. The unsaturated polyester resin with at most. Pultrusion molding machine usually arranged by fiber device, resin tank, preforming device, mould and heating device, traction device and cutting equipment, etc.
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