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Plastic mold mainly used in plastic sheet machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
At present most of the mould are used in the plastic processing equipment, mainly because the mechanical processing production of plastic products are relatively low cost. And itself, its chemical properties for plastic products is relatively stable, compared with a lot of material, its features is its high plasticity, and compression wear-resisting properties is better. And in the process of production, its manufacturing is also more convenient, can undertake large quantities of production, and for this can be a large number of products, is also important to its specifications, products of different sizes. So there is a plastic mold the device, designed to give plastic sheet machine or other plastic thermoforming machine standardization production. And as the main device, the present mould are adopted the stainless steel material for processing and manufacturing, so for the production process to heat treatment or other process is relatively stable, big damage will not occur. And use it as the cup machine is the classic production equipment, using the plastic mould can produce uniform supply of disposable plastic cups to the city, bring some convenient people's life.
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