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Plastic film of the specifications of the machine should be how to control the film

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Plastic laminating machine by adjusting the die head end face of the diaphragm margin copper bar to control the membrane of film edge out wide and narrow. If laminating machine is double host to control the two extrusion film edge diaphragm out, there is wide enough to ensure the trimming knife has a double membrane, and cut off the film edge is not carefully, able to withstand a little tension, not easily be hair dryer blow film edge. However, the film is cut down side and not too wide, cause loss of raw materials. Generally leave a film side 5 - small bag 8mm。 If film edge stay small, will be very worried about trimming photoelectric correction occasionally was held up by the side wire or membrane wire light magic eye and mistakes, or edge width change is too big, photoelectric correcting error sensitivity is not high, cutting knife response faster to keep up with the change of the edge, cutter to move to the film side position, at this time, would film edge along with edge to cut down, resulting in waste.
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