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Plastic cup machine the main process and materials used

by:Mengxing     2020-04-23
Automatic system of cup, cup is a modern system of mechanical main production characteristics, as the production of disposable plastic cups and other plastic cup cup making machine is the main type of plastic cup production machinery. Is not only that, in addition to being able to produce it out disposable paper cups, plastic cup with outside also can to a certain processing, glass effect is good. And currently it is plastic cup or disposable paper cup, or the most used in the city. And this kind of equipment is similar to the production principle of the lunch box machine, all is the use of heat curing the form of plastic molding, by extrusion in the form of the finished product is sent out. And this effect is also the most molding machinery production mode. And this kind of cup machine of production also has certain process, as the automatic ( Biodegradable) Plastic cup machine is based on the plastic thermoforming technology developed a kind of high efficiency, automatic plastic thermoforming equipment. By sending pieces - heat - stretching - molding - trimming and one-time finish. This machine is used for production of PP, PE, PET, PS, HIPS and other plastic products such as plastic products, and by changing the mold, the plastic sheet is heated to a definite temperature pressure molding, made into all kinds of cups, boxes, bowls and other thin-walled containers such as milk cups, jelly cups, ice cream cups, disposable sipping cups, beverage cups, li riceses leave, snack box container, cereal boxes, high-grade products. The machine production of finished product class is high, no environmental pollution, wide range of USES.
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