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Plastic cup machine and cup development trend and direction

by:Mengxing     2020-03-05
According to the latest survey of 2011, cup machine is mainly used in the production of disposable plastic cup thermoforming products, widely used in food, vegetables, fruits, drinks, dairy products, industrial components in areas such as packaging. With the growing domestic demand, system of plastic thermoforming machine use is becoming more and more widely, dosage is also increasing year by year, promising. As the country's emphasis on environmental protection, to adapt to the production of 'environmental degradation' cup production line have been able to successfully to the market the supply of various types of 'degradation cup'. Manufactured 'nano plastic' 'nano cup' has become another focus of attention, has become a new 'selling point'. In order to improve the food shelf life and shelf life, has the 'cup' high separation performance of the system has become the target of each production companies continue to develop. Common method of making plastic lid packing machine with rolling method, mainly for the production of PVC, such as PVDC cup; The other is a extrusion method, used in the production of BOPS, EPS, PET, PP, HIPS, such as the cup. Domestic cup machine industry production system with the development of the packaging system cup also continuously introduce advanced configuration and new machines. For decades, making a cup of machine manufacturing enterprises production and making a cup of mutual cooperation, mutual introduction, also improve the level of the plastic cup industry overall development new cup processing technology, raw and auxiliary materials in the configuration been fully made use of advanced equipment. Made gradually increase the level of domestic sheet machine, promote the increase of the domestic production of plastic cup enterprise and varieties of cup, but also promoted the thermoforming packaging industry an unprecedented prosperity. At present, the cup machine industry development, according to market research to understand, as of July 15, 2012 from the stock market, the federal open market committee began a two-day policy meeting on Tuesday. Market observers speculated that the fed will launch another round of quantitative easing monetary policy. At the same time, the IMF on Tuesday to 2012 global growth forecast to 4%, and warned that if the eurozone and the us government does not relevant policy action as soon as possible, the world economy will be severely impacted. And the IMF has cut this year and the expected economic growth in China, and raised expectations of China's inflation rate. Spot, LLDPE spot prices continue to decline, the downstream factory pick up the goods, merchants positive delivery, cash intention is stronger, in east China 7042 membrane materials mainstream price 200 yuan/ton to 10250 - down 10300 yuan/ton, southwest of chengdu area market fell 200 yuan/ton to 10300 - 10400 yuan/ton. Material price cut, which is beneficial to the development! BOPS thermoforming machine to also is very good!
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