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Plastic cup lid machine production lid

by:Mengxing     2020-04-08
Glass composition is mainly a cup body and the lid, and disposable plastic cups and other forms of plastic cup, are actually need to use the plastic cover. And as the drink now used to the cold drink shop, in fact, the main packing container that disposable plastic cups, here to introduce about the production of plastic cup with lid machine use. Lid molding machine is the class of typical in plastic sheet molding equipment machinery, as in the production of plastic lid equipment, is currently a disposable plastic cup need in the city. Glass is the most used type of container in our city, and the lid is also necessary, due to the production of lid machine, the plastic cover became a combination, in a plastic cup as the main use of one-time drink in the city, and mostly used disposable plastic cup with plastic lid and packaging. Drinks of pearl milk tea shop, for example, it is also a current after 80, after 90 are favored by all the drinks, in the modern city streets, we often see such sell pearl milk tea shop, it also became a scenery line in the city, and provide plastic cup with landscape of 'carrier'.
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