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PET sheet machine - Energy conservation and consumption reduction production screw design

by:Mengxing     2020-03-18
What is the sheet machine? What is a multi-functional plastic sheet sets? Simple from the appearance of the unit, control and make full use of modern CAD and high quality on the transmission of electrical original, more convenient and quick to operate. Multi-functional plastic sheet unit in three roller drive way, USES the independent transmission mechanism, can be synchronous speed, system cup machine speed regulation and step by step, to ensure that the three rollers linear velocity; To ensure that product thickness error difference + 0. Within 01 mm; Three roll to keep constant temperature, to ensure product quality. Multi-functional plastic sheet unit equipped with emergency escape device, products winding flat, convenient. Multi-functional plastic sheet unit with the most advanced extrusion method is a forming, processing into a soft ( Hard) PVC, PP, PE, PS, PET, PMMA monolayer and multilayer sheet products, such as the thickness is 0. 1 - 3mm。 Supranational standard sheet quality. PET sheet machine - Screw design of energy conservation and consumption reduction production of PET sheet machine is one of the plastic sheet machine, it USES a different lid machine screw design and mechanical configuration, can be used in PET plastic sheet, realize the edge material recycling production. From the point of mechanical structure function, the PET sheet machine out of the machine adopts special screw design, precise temperature control system, ensure good plasticizing and high yield stability of the extruding; And die adopts hydraulic quick change to replace the network devices to ensure quick and efficient network process, die adopts multiple flow design, make the rubber mould full width uniform distribution, the die lip clearance control can be adjusted freely, cups printer thickness adjustment precision, and three roll based on the characteristics of rubber using lie three roller or LiSan roller, three roll temperature control are independent of each other, clearance adjustment freely, to ensure the pressure light effect. PET sheet machine cooling guide roller stent configuration guide roller is equipped with the corresponding cold trimming device, ensure the quality of the edge of the sheet. In the configuration of high quality alloy blade, cutting machine of imported bearing to ensure the quality of sheet section and cutting action smoothly for a long time. With torque motor with two, three, four shaft automatic tension control of winding function adjust speed and winding tension, to achieve the purpose of winding flat plate, with width slitting device is free to set the required products, design more human, improve the production efficiency.
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