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Pelleting machine to check what are the parts and maintenance methods

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
The tire of the new device granulator will become loose, must often examine granulator, pay attention to each part of the granulator is normal and easy parts to determine the extent of the wear and tear of pelleting machine is easy to wear, also needs the pelleting machine maintenance. Pelleting machine load bearing with machine, the quality of the lubricating oil used in the good and the bad and the service life of bearing has a lot of contact, will directly affect the using life of the granulator to work efficiency, again into the lubricating oil must be clean, better sealing effect, the transition of the granulator oiling place bearing roller bearing all the gear bearing, the tire of the new device if the attack is loose, to timely check and solve this problem. Pay attention to check the easy wear parts wear degree, ready to replace the worn parts.
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