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Pelleting machine operations and the matters needing attention during the course of operation method

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
An overview of the granulator is a kind of material is made into specific shapes can be molding machinery. Widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, mining and metallurgy, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, ceramics, rubber, plastic, etc. 1, attention to body temperature state, touch granulator fuselage, if not hands up immediately. Until note hands. Host bearing chamber two head bearing place hot burn hands or when there is noise, and infuse butter to stop. Pay attention to understanding the working rules of the machine; Such as: machine temperature is concave and convex, speed fast, can according to the situation, timely treatment. Granulator fuselage operation instability, pay attention to the view of shafts gap is too tight, should timely adjust loose some. 3, when you start the granulator, the primary heat up about four or five minutes. And then continue to heat up very around the clock, and then boot, but will continue to heat, due to the normal production demand continues to make up for the heat; Pelleting machine normal operation, the engine temperature to uphold stability, not high and low. Vent hole nearby, until the nose part temperature to 200 ℃ or so, during shutdown, the host to completely block the power supply.
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