Paper cups production investment conditions

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
Investment in paper production, without a lot of money, the composite structure of the equipment supplied by our company is compact, high performance, easy to operate. Will you in all aspects of the inputs to a minimum. Production of the required basic conditions are as follows: paper pattern in size ( 2650×1300×1550毫米) Covering an area of 2. 82 square meters; Paper bowl machine machine size ( 2950×1600×1550毫米) Covering an area of 3. 45 square metre; Snack box pattern in size ( 1200×800×1600毫米) Covering an area of 0. 96 square meters. For example, a paper cup machine covers an area of only 2. 82 square meters, plus staff activity area and material storage, the size of 20 square meters place can be put into production. Power: 380 v / 220 v / 5. 15KW( Main motor 1. 0 5 kw, pay motor. 55 kw, 5 groups of heating 3. 1千瓦) Investment in equipment, paper cup machine ( Negotiable, inquiry) , paper bowl machine - Negotiable, inquiry) Machine, snack box liquidity: according to the production of class two 16 hours a day, 15 days to 30000 yuan, price of paper about differences by areas of different, generally in the 6500 - 7000 yuan/ton. Staff: equipment operation and 1 package/class
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