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Paper cups paper high-speed film composite extrusion machine is introduced

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
Unit introduction this unit is designed for disposable paper cups, paper paper cup, paper bowl, paper lunch boxes of equipment. Units with LDPE, LDPP as raw material, after extrusion flow delay composite with paper cup base paper, in the paper to form a thin film surface. Paper reciprocates cut machine, paper cup machine equipment such as deep processing is made after 1 disposable paper cup machine characteristics, extrusion machine adopts the automatic temperature control, automatic suction material, die USES professional manufacturer of high precision special die head. Part 2, unit volume, composite parts and winding synchronous, automatic tension. 3, winding part adopts automatic device, large diameter, high speed non-stop in volume, put an end to waste. Paragraphs 4, set of frequency control, PLC, man-machine interface operation, linkage control. 5, equipped with corona processor, automatic correction machine, products meter instrument, adjustable trimming and suction side device (6), novel structure, beautiful appearance, quick installation, easy to operate. 主要技术参数 机器规格 950mm 1150mm 1350mm 1750mm 1950mm 最大有效宽度 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1650mm 1800mm 挤出机总功率 30kw 30kw 37kw 45kw 55kw 挤出机螺杆直径 Ø 80年Ø 90年Ø 90年Ø 100年Ø 100 maximum extrusion, 160 kg/h, 180 kg/h, 220 kg/h, 240 kg/h, 260 kg/hour machine speed is 80 - 150 m/min coating thickness of 0. 012 - 0. Rolling diameter 5 mm & Oslash; Winding diameter 1500 mm & Oslash; Rolling diameter 1200 mm auxiliary & Oslash; 300毫米, Ø Equipment size 11000 x 450 mm x 3000 mm (7000/9000 L×W×H)
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