Common vacuum forming machine

Paper coated the wrinkling

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
1) Improper workshop of temperature and humidity control. Excessive humidity, paper suck tide falbala, causing grave Lou, must strictly control the temperature and humidity of workshop. 2) Ambient temperature too high or the effect of temperature on the high side, the paper will be tight, cause paper wrinkle. Available platen press flat, coated before to increase the number of knock and rubbing, and the effect of temperature and reducing environment. 3) Roller pressure is not uniform, caused in the process of the coated paper wrinkle. Encounter this kind of situation, should first correction roller pressure, and then boot operation. 4) Rubber roller is uneven, resulting in Lou wrinkled laminating process. Should replace the new roller or reuse the old rubber roller grinding flat. 5) There is dirt on rubber roller, cause of coated paper wrinkle, rubber roller should be cleaned in time. The rubber roller must always keep clean. 6) Tension is too large, thin film winding tear, cause of coated paper wrinkle, should adjust tension. 7) Feed skew, cause of coated paper wrinkle. When must carefully in the process of operation, make the feed.
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