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Packing belt production equipment has great potential market

by:Mengxing     2020-04-29
Packing belt production equipment is the production of packaging machinery and equipment, packaging is a new kind of strapping tape instead of steel belt, widely used in ceramic, cotton, aluminum, building materials, tobacco, paper. The main raw material is polyethylene, polypropylene resin, in which we commonly known as the plastic. Based on some of the good qualities of packing tape, packing tape equipment manufacturers are blossoming. Although the pack has been on the market of PE, PP plastic packing tape, packing tape products, steel market is widely used in banding material, such as: iron and steel products, Steel sheet, steel sheet, steel profile) , metallurgical products, Copper ingot, aluminium ingot, zinc ingot) , building materials, paper, cotton, chemical fiber, clothing, electrical and electronic products, such as aircraft, auto parts packaged banding material. In the engineering plastics in the total amount, amount of waste plastic has accounted for 20%, engineering plastic waste recycling has become a hot topic. However, some enterprises just is to reduce cost, use recycling plastic, the plastic products quality severely affected; Some companies is to reduce the pollution of the environment, save energy and resources, to carry out the circular economy concept and active for waste plastic recycling. To guarantee the quality of recycled plastics will be into the recovery unit of high and new technology, and develop new products with independent intellectual property rights, develop marketable applications, to complete the final waste plastics recycling 'green' concept. Now, even though many companies are in the research of recycling waste pp plastic packaging production. But, people urgently need a more simple, low-cost production packing belt production technology, make the different sources, different characteristics (viscosity IV) Or part of the degradation of pp waste plastics, resin molecular weight reducing PET plastic, able to produce high performance PET plastic packing belt.
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