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Packaging machinery market hidden opportunities

by:Mengxing     2020-03-21
Earlier, the China investment consulting firm the latest analysis report, in 2008 China food and packaging machinery industry sales output value of 1262. 0 billion yuan. Among them, the packaging machine ( Cup machine) Product sales revenue for 641. Growth of 32, 3. 4 billion yuan more than 2007 years. 59%. 1-2009 In may, China food and packaging machinery industry sales output value of 232. 7, 6. 4 billion yuan more than the same period in 2008 growth. 36%. From 2011 to 2015, according to the food and packaging machinery output is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, the average growth rate at about 16% for each year. According to the report of the analysis, the domestic food and packing machinery market seems to be promising. But experts remind, we should pay attention to the packaging industry in our country crisis implied behind the rapid development of technology. It is reported that our country every year a large number of sets of high-end equipment imported technology content is higher. Since the 1970 s, so far, our country imports only similar to the plastic film as many as 110 two-way stretching equipment production lines, and the production line each can reach nearly one hundred million yuan. Main use mechanical sheet machine industry experts believe that China's food and packaging machinery of excessive dependence on foreign high-end technology has severely restricted the development of our country's food and packaging industry. , on the other hand, especially since the financial crisis, China's machinery industry to speed up the industrial upgrading, product upgrading, including the application of automation products become an indispensable step. China's food and packaging machinery enterprises have also realized the gap in this aspect, is stepping up efforts to introduce automation technology and products, to enhance the competitiveness of its own technology at the same time, also has brought the huge market for automation product. The application of automation products in food and packaging industry and the market due to the packaging process including filling sealing, wrapping package, such as the main working procedure, as well as the related process (before and after Such as cleaning, stacking and remove, etc. ) , measuring, testing, and many other processes. Therefore applied to the automation products is more broad. In summary, there are mainly the main control system, driving control, motion control, man-machine interface and sensor of this a few classes. Among them, the control system with embedded products, PLC, IPC, field bus; Motor drive control frequency converter, dc speed control; A servo, stepper motor control, motion controller; Human-machine interface mainly include text display, touch screen, tablets, electrical components, etc. ; Sensor involves the photoelectric switch, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, travel switch, etc. As the application of PLC, frequency converter and the man-machine interface are mainly concentrated in beer and beverage packaging equipment, convenient food production line, automatic packaging machine, cover machine, corrugated board, Box) Production equipment, dairy packaging equipment, etc. As food and packaging industry upgrading, the use of food packaging enterprises for human cost gradually reduce, automation products continuously broaden the application in food and packaging machinery field. The investigation shows that the recent food and considering the purchase of automation products in the packaging machinery manufacturers, human-machine interface products the highest proportion, a total of 30 readers involved in 18 enterprises to select this option. Due to high garde products food and packaging machinery automation level gap is big, middle and widely used in food and packaging machinery PLC, inverter, low-voltage electrical appliances joint venture, the part of the application of human-computer interface. As a result, the man-machine interface become food and packing machinery enterprise purchase intentions of the highest option, also can see food and packaging machinery enterprises to achieve industrial upgrading. Occupy second survey users purchase intentions are respectively is servo and inverter products, there are 24 readers chose these two, involving enterprise 15, 12 respectively. Investigation shows that the motor is still mainly and domestic ordinary motor frequency conversion motor, only a small amount of imports. For frequency converter, despite a growing number of packaging machinery manufacturers design the transmission scheme based on frequency converter, but for most of the packaging machinery such as cup machine, inverter is not a choice of electrical products, due to the utilization rate is still low, in big standard gauge machines and packaging production line may appear larger development space. And the number of the purchase of the sensor and PLC products with 21 people, involving 12, 10 respectively, this may be related to the application of PLC and sensor itself in machinery industry has been relatively mature. In subsequent telephone sampling interview, we know that in the mid-to-high class food and packing machinery automation products on average about 8% ~ 12% of the sales, cheap food and packaging machinery, automation products on average about 3% ~ 5% of the sales. And most against the food and packaging machinery still use relay control, as well as domestic low-voltage electrical products, instead of using frequency converter, and the basic application of man-machine interface. On the questionnaire investigation of the enterprise how to choose the product, appeared with the June 2009 survey of textile enterprises similar situation: there are nine respondents brand awareness as the first element, and the technical support and service as the secondary factors, and in 12 technical support and service as the first element of the respondents, and there are nine brand awareness as the secondary factors at the same time. In addition, in 66 copies of questionnaires, there are 39 readers as the price influence the choice of the second element. And product reliability, stability, has become a textile machinery enterprises the main consideration when choosing automation products, with 39 respondents to the elements listed as the first element. In addition, the manufacturer to enterprise's technical training and later required for maintenance of the system and the cost is another factor to consider.
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