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Numerical control machine tool accessories in China is to develop in the direction of specialization

by:Mengxing     2021-01-12
Nc machine tools in China features was originally development through two ways. Is a professional accessories manufacturers to CNC accessories production development, the typical products are nc rotary table, power chuck, ball screw, etc. ; Secondly, the host form a complete set of functional components manufacturer self r&d, typical products are numerical control tool rest, most of domestic lathe factory has experienced the process. The author thinks that, specialized production should be the developing direction of CNC accessories in China. From the point of view of technology development, numerical control machine tool technology development towards high-speed, composite, intelligent and environmental protection, for numerical control tool rest, nc rotary table, CNC dividing head raised the same requirement. In terms of high speed CNC accessories, yantai universal machine tool accessory group company developed AK36 series servo motor driven tool post, main characteristic is driven by servo motor, hydraulic or pneumatic loosen clamping and transfer time is adjustable, the fastest in a knife time 0. 15 s, reached the level of similar foreign; TK13250M high-speed nc turntable speed up to 30 r/min. Compound AK33 series power tool rest, USES the modular design, power tool driven by servo motor, milling power tools speed up to 3000 r/min. TK14 series CNC tilting rotary table, by two servo motor drive to achieve two axes linkage, supporting in five-axis linkage machining center. To sum up, high speed, multiple, represents the highest level in domestic nc annex products, filled the domestic blank, and provides guarantee for the development of the host. Close the gap between high-end accessories as soon as possible with the development of numerical control features, the dependence on the feature to host more and more big. To some extent, the development level of a functional unit represents the development level of the host, especially its reliability and advanced nature. At present domestic feature development not balanced, the overall level and abroad have a certain gap. Nc machine tool products feature level compared with a decade ago, had the very big enhancement. After nearly 20 years of development, CNC dividing head, numerical control tool rest product varieties constantly improve, main performance and reliability are improved greatly. Nc tool post, nc rotary table, CNC dividing head nc machine tool has been able to meet the perfection of supporting requirements. But for high-grade CNC machine tool CNC accessories products, than there is a certain gap with foreign products. The function of nc machine tool parts restricts the development of host technical level and performance, mainly manifested in the following aspects: speed. With the high speed development of numerical control machine tool, the numerical control machine tool accessory products also put forward the corresponding requirements. In terms of numerical control tool rest, smoke attached company AK36 series high speed servo tool holder, its level is close to similar foreign products. Class although smoke attached company has developed the nc rotary table 30 r/min high-speed rotary table, but there are still gap compared with foreign companies, the main difference lies in the aspects of material selection of worm gear pair. Reliability. In recent years, numerical control tool rest fault focuses on electrical fittings, accounts for about 80% of the tool post failure rate above. No such problem is that the domestic servo motor and drive unit, can only rely on import, so the cost of the tool carrier and the prices are close to similar foreign products, it is difficult to form the industrialization. Precision. Smoke with nc products of precision and stable performance, it should be said or better, basically can satisfy the requirement of the host form a complete set. Smoke accompanied with Japan, Germany and other industrial products in developed countries, we still have some gap, but not quite, quite with Taiwan products. The date of delivery. In the whole development process of nc machine tool accessories, the product of the date of delivery is a particular problem, has restricted the host fast response ability of the market. Only with the industrialization, large-scale production capacity of enterprises, can adapt to the fierce market competition and advantage. Smoke attached company raised 80 million yuan, completed a new nc products workshop, and key equipment procurement, to ensure the delivery time from the hardware facilities. Specialized production is the development direction of CNC accessories products should be to develop in the direction of specialization and social arrangement. Nc machine tool diversity and personalized development also calls for nc machine tool accessories products on the premise of adding features, widely used new materials, new technology, make diversification of product design. As the market competition, the product profit margins will be reduced, conveniently small business model will not adapt to the requirement of social production. In addition, the state professional manufacturer to offer certain preferential policies. At present, the development of the nc machine tool market for features to create a good development opportunity, the manufacturer should be on the basis of the level on do a good job of the industrialization, to meet the demand of the development of the host as soon as possible. For narrowing the nc machine tool as soon as possible the gap between feature and industrial developed countries abroad, enterprises with foreign enterprises to speed up independent innovation or taking the method of joint venture, cooperation, the introduction of technology, etc. Enterprises should aim at the international advanced level, do a good job of the independent innovation, as soon as possible to shorten the gap with foreign advanced level, the components manufacturing industry bigger and stronger China numerical control function.
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