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Now, who would have said cup machine and other food machinery technology lag behind

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
In our country, system cup machines food machinery industry started relatively late, the overall level is relatively backward than in Europe and the United States and other developed countries, and the independent innovation ability is insufficient, lunch box machine in economic integration today, sheet material machine of domestic brands of cup machine such as food machinery by advanced foreign brand impact and influence, development market limitations. However, if you want to share in the global market economy heats up, will be accomplished and breakthrough in technology. However the breakthrough of technology and innovation is not one thing, the lid machine first, enterprises to continuously improve product quality and level, to speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading, learn foreign advanced technology, gradually narrowing the gap with foreign advanced technology. Secondly, constantly above specification, set up perfect industry standards. Then, to establish a benign competition market environment. System cup machines food machinery industry in China has a certain development foundation, combined with the implementation of the 'twelfth five-year' such as the national support policy, to the system cup machines food machinery industry in our country has built the good development environment for the development of, aboard government at the same time, the east wind speed up independent innovation ability, accelerate the development of industrial design, to speed up the adjustment industry, production is more faster in food machinery, system cup machines for our local food machinery brand has a good reputation.
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