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Non-woven fabric printing: printing and packaging industry in our country the status quo

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
In the printing industry throughout the news publishing industry chain, in order to line into the threshold low, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry competition is intense, low added value of the state. Industrial chain of the different links of profit distribution imbalance, has seriously hindered the printing and packaging overall economic rapid and sustainable development. The need to reform and mechanism innovation, renew the idea, the transformation of the mode of development and realize the structure adjustment. Printing industry of high-end technology mainly lies in the hands of the developed countries such as Germany, the United States and Japan, and technology updates faster and faster, in this case, the international purchase can yet be regarded as a convenient access to the latest technology, and it needs, the concept of innovation in system and mechanism. As you can see, in the current situation of printing and packaging industry because the threshold low, small and medium-sized enterprises, industry competition is intense, more fast, this is not conducive to the paper machine industry of healthy competition and resource optimization configuration, adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, and the expansion of advanced technology and the formulation and implementation of industry standards. Domestic printing and packaging to walk out, you have to establish international standards. The internationalization of international standardization is not only in printing standard, pre-press, printing, printed after the internationalization of technology, more including the internationalization of printing and packaging materials. Under the international standard, we need to renew the idea, open up a new situation and new markets, flexo printing machine to better toward internationalization.
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