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Non-woven fabric printing machine maintenance

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
Non-woven fabric printing machine printing unit power synchronization, the balance of ink quantity, plate roll balance, in the printing process has certain requirements. Non-woven fabric printing machine printing to each unit of power by the main motor reducer, all kinds of group of synchronous operation. To make a clear dot overprint stability of reducer to maintain well. Attention to oil and oil temperature when the phone is switched on, and may not be in the absence of high-speed switch on lubrication condition in order to avoid damage. When need to circle to version, version of the motor, start the circumference revolution of positive and make the planet a wheel frame, can achieve synchronous speed roller printing speed superposition or fold reduction, so as to complete the circumferential direction on the version of requirements. Anilox roller transfer ink roller is accurate. How much its amount of ink transfer is determined by the line number per inch, line number, the higher the said net hole, the more the less amount of ink; Cable number is less, the less said net hole, ink quantity is larger. Anilox roll how many number of network cable is reasonable in the printing, is made up of print colour requirement. Scraping knife is used to ensure uniform supply of printing ink quantity. If it's not scraper, use rubber roller transfer ink, anilox roller press, ink fast and slow. Anilox roller ink quantity has great difference, turn the ink is more rapid, rotation is little slow. To this end, scraping blade on the flexo machine Settings.
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