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New environmental protection biodegradable sheet machine production line

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
With a single 'exhaust type double order single screw extruder boxes' configuration sheet machine production line, is the equipment manufacturers to cooperate with 'environmental protection' and introduced the new sheet machine production line. After many hard experiment and improvement, successfully developed can produce starch content up to 80% of the biodegradable material. Now, there have been several domestic enterprises with 'xi 'an Wan Jie starch biodegradable materials, in the degradation of' shantou DaCheng 'sheet machine production line, produced in the degradation of sheet and thermoforming products of environmental protection, good prospect. In this sheet machine production line can be highly filled PP/PE sheet, sheet machine/raw double light degradation sheet, biological degradation starch sheet. But now the domestic 'plastics', not 'full biodegradable materials', how many contain ingredients 'plastic' cup machine. In addition, a wide variety of 'biodegradable materials', the existence of the phenomenon of the sham as the genuine, combined with competition by 'paper pulp molding products', and impact of resume 'foam lunch boxes', degradation of thermoforming products market situation is not optimistic.
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