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'Nanometer sheet' will become another selling point sheet machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
Plastic products are widely used in packaging, transport and food industries, and sheet machine is a production of plastic sheets of plastic processing equipment, used for fast production of plastic products. Sheet machine is plastic thermoforming machinery production equipment in the main. Sheet machine, as a kind of extrusion molding machine, it is also one of plastics processing machinery equipment of reference. Sheet machine adopts frequency conversion speed design, and in the manufacture of plastic products, using automatic regulating mechanism, can be under computer control, the use spare motor, realizing automation production. With the increase of domestic demand, the plastic thermoforming sheet is becoming more and more widely used, its dosage increased year by year. As the country's emphasis on environmental protection, in order to meet the national environmental protection requirements of the 'environmental protection biodegradable sheet' have been able to successfully supply all kinds of market demand. Made and use the 'nano' plastic 'nanometer sheet' has become the focus of another, has also become another selling point of sheet factory house.
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