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Lunch box machine production banned to join foaming agent

by:Mengxing     2020-03-08
Boxes machine is the main machinery and equipment production of the disposable fast-food containers, plastic snack box, the machinery of production are not snack box containing blowing agent, foaming agent has been banned use to snack box, cup machine, then why can't join foaming agent production snack box, here is to introduce the reason. According to expert introduction, in boxes, lid machine production of disposable foam plastic tableware used in the process of foaming agent, will destroy the atmospheric ozone layer, in the process of using these tableware, once encounter high temperature easy to produce harmful substances to human body health, use its tender after it will generate carcinogenic dioxins, 200 years to biodegrade the grave buried, can cause pollution of soil, air and groundwater. In recent years, including disposable hair hold plastic tableware, the 'white pollution' has become one of the main causes of the deterioration of the environment and resources at the same time, directly endanger human body health. Legal work committee of the National People's Congress to meet the requirements of the environmental protection packing materials development direction have long description: the first is easier to recycle, two easier disposal, third, we will easily given. Degradation type one-time send plastic tableware was rejected, because is not easy to recycle. Based on the above points, the relevant state departments for environmental protection and public health considerations, banning sales to use foam boxes.
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