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Lunch box machine process

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
Technological process: raw material for polystyrene - PS foamed board - unit Sheet - Snack box vacuum molding machine - Whole snack box - Double location - hydraulic cutting machine The finished product - A snack box packing production line in detail as follows: A. PS foam sheet unit is the most commonly used international okada type series double-stage high foam sheet production equipment, this equipment to general grade polystyrene boxes machine PVC as a raw material in the extrusion process of high pressure injection of foaming agent, after die extrusion, foaming, cooling, finalize the design, drawing, winding into the PSP products sheet, the sheet after vacuum forming, can be made into all kinds of packaging container: a snack box plate, cake plate, fish plate, supermarket, KT board, li riceses leave, foaming plate, etc. Series of products, widely used in food, fruit, advertising, industrial products, such as packaging, lid machine has advanced structure, stable, easy operation, high automation process B. Snack box vacuum forming is a kind of universal thermoforming machine, which combines vacuum forming, molding and composite molding for a suit, machinable thermoforming plastic sheets, almost all of the unit is fully computerized digital molding system, mechanical and electrical integration of PLC automatic control, touch screen control all kinds of action program, cup machine hydraulic system is easy to operate, saving materials, high production efficiency. Stable and reliable, forming large area, easy operation, fast playing cup forming machine, high degree of automation, etc. C。 Double location hydraulic cutting machine is one of the current international popular shear equipment, mainly used for vacuum forming products, efficient shearing of a whole model can also be used for packaging, decoration, EPE deep processing products such as shearing, USES the Japanese mitsubishi PLC mechanical and electronic integration control, for single and double location of shears, counting mould replacement is simple, accurate, punching and shearing speed, wide application, etc.
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