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Lunch box machine in the production of snack box can't directly into the microwave

by:Mengxing     2020-04-11
According to the plasticity of plastic and its extension features make this kind of material can produce a variety of plastic products, and at present most of the disposable products are used for processing and manufacturing plastic materials. And as the boxes machinery is the production of disposable plastic products, snack boxes and the machinery at present mainly produces disposable fast-food containers, and the snack box has good toughness, thermal performance is higher, unlike previous snack box toughness is not strong, is easy to break. When it comes to this kind of snack box, currently in use is not only the fast food industry, the entire food industry in the use of the plastic box, especially the specialized shops out, this kind of plastic products is inseparable from the. And said plastic products, is now used by snack box with thin film are the main forms of food packaging, the plastic packaging is convenient, but also need to note, that is the type of packaging does not directly into the microwave. Because plastic heat resistance was strong with the weak, when beyond a certain limit will be easy to decompose, and the substance is harmful to human body generated by the decomposition, so can't send this product directly into the microwave oven heated, that is a lack of this kind of plastic products.
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