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Lunch box machine good development prospects

by:Mengxing     2020-03-01
Disposable foam plastic lunch box in 1986 began to use up to now, although only 30 years of history, but because of his characteristics such as convenient and cheap is widely used throughout the country. Disposable lunch box mainly of plastic, paper, starch, rare metals, non-toxic to the environment and will not pollute the environment, on the market before boxes are not used in the environmental protection and not accepted by consumers, now lunch boxes for environmental protection, can be seen from the food industry of hot is now consumers of disposable lunch box is not exclusive. Lunch box machine is for production of boxes, main characteristic is to cancel the intermediate links to pull, can direct forming, can directly use of leftover material. And can freely control the thickness of the product. Rapid development in recent years, the fast food consumption has more than 10 billion, and the data continues to rise, foam tableware in the catering industry is still the mainstream of the fast food tableware. As the development and production of new cutlery boxes machine should be as far as possible the weight of the box and the decrease of the volume, recovery and recycling value as much as possible, save resources, sustainable development road.
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