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Lunch box machine for food industry

by:Mengxing     2020-06-10
Currently used in catering shops more forms to be delivered to the outside wrapping machine production is the use of boxes snack box, and then for take-out delivery. This is at present, more than, including fast-food industry, catering industry to use more packaging products. In a lunch box machine, it used by the technology of sheet mechanical handling, extrusion molding and forming technology is the main processing form of the lunch box machine. And, as a kind of snack box with the main production equipment, in fact already have automated production machinery, through a dedicated motor provide certain impetus for lunch box machine, makes the machine can play a automated production. And compared to the general average heat molding machine, machine adopts the boxes heating extrusion molding is more simple, for special snack box production equipment, the lunch box machine is the main form. And this kind of machine for fast food shops and food industry are with bigger role and significance, is a power to promote the development of industry.
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