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Looking forward to plastic machinery sheet machine in the future

by:Mengxing     2020-04-10
In the 21st century is the century of economic high speed development of science and technology, which gave birth to the new industry, the rapid growth of new industries, mature development promotes the vigorous development of machinery industry, in the context of the rapid development of science and technology, all walks of life contact more closely, interlocking, mutual development, plastic boxes machinery species diversity, the function is all ready, pertinence, including sheet machine, cup machine, granulating machine and so on, the sheet machine is the most representative in the plastic machinery industry, sheet machine, plastic machinery is widely used in national defense, petroleum chemical industry. Building materials, industrial and agricultural industries, the impact on industries of the national economy plays an important role. At the beginning of the New Year to celebrate the New Year's day at the same time, the 12th five-year plan for the development of the third year, the third year has just begun, let us summarize sheet machine, plastic machinery industry in the past two years of development, according to authoritative report data show that in 2011, the gross output value of 521 plastic machinery manufacturing industry in China. 6. 3 billion yuan, an increase of 68. 5%. The sheet machine, plastic machinery industry in our country at a percentage of 12% per year on average growth, as of 2012, the sheet machine, plastic machinery industry in our country both output and sales reached 50 billion yuan of above. Visible, in recent years, China's plastics machinery industry has shown a good development momentum. In this paper, we mentioned in the context of the rapid development of science and technology, all walks of life more and more close, the influence of between the sheet machine, plastic machinery industry's rapid development and there exists a close relationship, which industry will follow Long Sheng below small make up words steps together to understand and recognize: a, new energy vehicles, aerospace, Marine and other new industries and the rapid development of pillar industries such as building more and more demand for plastic machinery for plastic machinery technology and quality benefit had the higher request, this strongly promote the innovation and development of the plastics machinery industry. Second, along with modern industry, traffic, the rapid development of sports undertakings, to the development of plastics machinery created a good development environment. The plastic machinery, in short, conform to the economic globalization and technology development trend of the era of high xinhua, meets the requirements of the development of the market growing, advancing with The Times, rapid development. During the twelfth five-year development, sheet machine, plastic machinery industry is developing fast. In the future, sheet machine, plastic machinery industry to seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, production of highly efficient energy-saving lamp plastic sheet machine mechanical, make sheet machine, lid, such as plastic machinery industry to create a higher economic benefit and social benefit, contribute to the development of the national economy.
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