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Lid vendors would introduce automatic packaging industry's latest application status ( A)

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
The development survey of packaging machinery, packaging machinery industry is to point to to complete all or part of the packaging process of mechanical products and goods in cup machine. Packaging process including filling sealing, wrapping package, such as the main working procedure, as well as the related process, before and after sheet machine mould such as clean, stacking and remove. In addition, the package also includes measuring or stamp on the package process. China's packaging machinery relative to developed countries such as Japan and the United States is quite backward, has the very big development potential. 2005 years, 93000 sets of kuomintang and the production of packaging machinery, production value 55 billion yuan, a small decline than in 2004. According to food and packing machinery industry association, China now has more than 3600 packaging machinery manufacturers, the production and sales of more than one hundred million yuan only 20 now. Domestic packaging machinery company mainly produces simpler equipment, high-end equipment mainly rely on import, only a few domestic enterprises ( Such as: hunan spark) Able to provide complete sets of production line. Second, the use of automation products in the packaging machinery industry, the overall situation to use the lid of the machine packaging machinery molds automation control system, main products include transmission control, motion control, human-machine interface and sensors of this a few classes, specific include: control system, embedded products, PLC, IPC, field bus; Drive control, frequency converter, dc speed regulation; Motion control, servo, stepper, motion controller; Man-machine interface: text display, touch screen, tablet electrical components and sensors, photoelectric switch, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, travel switch, etc. 2, the main automation product introduction ( 1) Controller food and packaging machinery vary widely use of the controller, large production lines with the help of field bus technology, as many as thousands of control points, mostly on standalone dedicated controller, using the PLC or partial mid-range equipment used relay control way, and more small devices without using any electronic controller, a cup of machine mould overall domestic packaging machinery has 10% to control only USES the advanced controller. From a performance on the IPC is best, has a strong extensibility, rich software resources make it can develop more application solutions, at present is mainly used for large equipment management and communication. PLC system within 5 years will still be the mainstream of the lid packing machine mechanical controller; Relay as the mainstream of the controller before, will continue to be in the low-end market, while the market fell, but not in the packaging industry within three years.
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