Lid machine functions and advantages

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
Double location independent rolling rack, equipped with automatic lifting function. Two worktables electric furnace, improve production speed; Making a cup of vendors would think heating furnace preheating and two paragraphs; Forming the heating plate automatically closed, open, to delay start, after the heating plate down limit waste materials within a trip. Heating system cup machines with stick put oneself, reduces the heating power and temperature, to save energy and enhance the stability of plastic pieces. Performance characteristics of the forming station set up have a positive, negative pressure device. Mold adopts the clamp clamping, convenient adjustment and installation. Using manipulator clamping feed mechanism, smooth operation, accurate synchronization, stroke from 150 230 mm arbitrary adjustable. All that come in contact with plastic parts are made of stainless steel or non-toxic materials conforms to 'GMP' requirements. Main motor adopts frequency control of motor speed: blanking number from 10 to 20 times per minute, according to the stroke length and shape factors such as easy to set the appropriate number of blanking. All dozen cup machine and electrical components are used in high-grade facilities, the main components adopt imported.
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