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Lid machine basic processing process

by:Mengxing     2020-06-10
Plastic cover with the use of plastic cup in the summer is very much, because of hot weather, make a lot of people in the city will be good to buy cold drinks. And general cold drink shop will be the use of disposable plastic cups and plastic cover as the main packaging container, can say summer is plastic cups and plastic cover the use of 'high'. As the main equipment of producing plastic lid, the lid machine is a kind of indispensable machinery, it cup with equipment is necessary. In the mold on the combination of mouth is to match with the lid at the top, so that to produce high value, high compatibility with plastic cups. And the lid machine also joined the plastic mould, by heating into embryo, to mold, the use of mould for suppressing, can form good plastic lid, and then after cooling, the lid is forming. It with plastic cup manufacturing is similar, the plastic cup machine are also ways to take advantage of the hot forming of disposable plastic cup for processing. And there is no doubt that this way is using rapid production, for the current form of this production can provide batch production more efficient. Also helpful to the development of plastic products.
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