Common vacuum forming machine

Lid machine a vast market

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
Common in television commercials or milk tea, superiorly happy rushed drink the milk tea and so on speed, are used in a lot of lid. It's like or in the advertising, representing a year sales of milk tea, can connect the two laps around the earth. And drinks in the life of common basic it is bottled products, unexpectedly is bottled products, then fled but it need caps. Can be seen from the above situation, our country agricultural products deep processing industry for packaging machinery is not only for large number of requirements, and more weight is given to the technological content and performance and quality. This is for the development of packaging machinery industry in China pointed out the way. Promulgated by the China food industry association in 20062016, the national food industry science and technology development program is put forward, to priority to the development of beer, beverage filling equipment, bag forming, filling sealing devices, asepsis packing equipments, packing boxes and other 10 types of packaging machinery products. Our country government incentives, promote the development of similar to the lid machine such as food packaging. In general, the future of food packaging machinery such as lid machine market prospects.
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