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Laminating machines, and what is the difference between normal laminating machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
Laminating machine and laminating machine, of course, there are a lot of difference, but the difference in where? We summarize the together. 1, the effect of ( Also known as the 'model', 'mounted rubber' and 'film', etc. ) Is to point to in a transparent plastic film by hot pressing on printed matter covered surfaces, protection and increase the gloss effect. Coated for books and periodicals in the posters, brochures, autograph album, holiday CARDS, product manuals, calendar and so on, protection, better quality and durable. 2, 5 cm high pressure polyethylene electrostatic membrane after layer, become film products. The tasteless non-toxic wear-resistant rub resistance, can in the infrared, ultraviolet, laser or weathered rain and snow, and acid and alkali of various ecological or physical chemical environment for long-term use. This new type of green environmental protection than laminating machine, laminating machine is more convenient and simple operation, high speed, environmental protection in the next few years will completely replace the laminating machine become plastic industry to be bestowed favor on newly.
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