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Laminating machine works

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
Laminating machine is mainly composed of four kinds of forms of the machine, respectively is the host, mirror roller system, feeding system, winding system. Laminating machine in our company, and the unit in polyethylene, polypropylene, such as raw material, adopting LiuYanFa flat film extrusion coating process, after extrusion forming with various base material such as plastic woven cloth, paper, non-woven fabric, such as film or composite, improve the material's strength, compactness, widely used in plastic tent, shade cloth, geotextile, heavy packaging materials production. Particularly suitable for plastic woven cloth as backing material, and the single wide CaiBuTiao BOPP color film extrusion compound production. Units from the base material and pored over the laminating machine, color film and pored over, compound to the coiling the whole technological process by using monotone and group control linkage, extruding machine adopts the automatic temperature control, stepless speed regulation and the longevity of net, high-precision two-way regulating die head, automatic struggle device for the double location and pored over, transfer and pored over color film with magnetic powder brake, composite cold roll adopts double cooling structure, duplex not semi-automatic winding surface friction winding or center, each machine roller clutch is controlled by pneumatic. Units with a set of circular weaving turn-over device, the two sides of cylinder plastic weaving cloth ( Performed by a process) , it is a kind of composite unit of multiplicity.
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