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Laminating machine vibration is an important factor affected the accuracy of laminating

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
Laminating machine body vibration is one of the important factors influencing the effect of precision. With the rapid development of printing and packaging industry at home and abroad, all kinds of printing equipment and finishing equipment has the development by leaps and bounds. In post-press processing technology, the effect of technology is widely used. With the continuous improvement of customer requirement for technology laminating, urgently need a high precision laminating machine. In the domestic existing laminator equipment, precision is difficult to ascend into the main reason for restricting its development in post-press processing technology, the effect of technology is widely used, the market is an urgent need to high speed, high precision laminating machine. On the basis of analyzing the principle of testing technology, based on the east son signal test and analysis system software, choose more perfect laminating machine vibration test scheme, laminating machine main body parts for the vibration test. Results show that the maximum vibration wallboard place, followed by former gauge axis, the side gauge axis movement is smooth, vibration is minimal.
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