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Laminating machine using four processes

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Step 1: open the power supply to open the total power switch laminating machine, the machine is in pre start position, UV light is not very bright, it takes about 1 - 2 minutes to reach normal when Fang Kefang paper inside. Rubber roller on the second step: check whether all have film of liquid smoke tube film after open the power supply liquid pump to begin to work, to pour liquid membrane extraction to the rubber roller on two root in the middle of the groove, to draw on the two rubber roller intermediate groove in the film liquid will flow in on both sides of the rubber roller, in the process of rubber roller rotation to rubber roller in the middle to the two sides wrapped on the film liquid, the process is about 1 - 2 minutes. Check method is to see from the feed mouth rubber roller. The third step: put a piece of ordinary paper to check the glue laminating roller has after all with leaching solution to put a piece of ordinary paper to drench membrane, has three, one is to see if the paper surface was caught in the rain all membrane fluid daub; The second is to check the paper after surface leaching liquid membrane can be cured, the third is the plain paper will back under the fat away on the rubber roller, reach the role of cleaning the rubber roller. The fourth step is to use normal laminating machine through the third step in front of the check, if no questions we can officially use laminating machine. Because each manufacturer to drench membrane liquid thick degree is differ, application of laminating machine time temperature is different also, so can bring photo paper appearance liquid film thickness are different, the other is the strong degree of liquid film and the application of time temperature can also affect the photo film fluid flow flat in appearance, the temperature is low, prone to corrugated paper appearance of leaching solution, after light solid results similar to matte paper. If want to flow even some will open the heating lamp switch, heat lamp irradiation make a resolution of photo paper liquid film flow more easily flat appearance, arrive like a photo print continuous bright degree.
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