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Laminating machine, the cause of the rapid development

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Advocate low carbon is a feature of laminating machine development, low carbon environmental protection is the focus of various industries in 2010. This is our most strong demand. Every day we have too much publicity, entertainment, life, economic and political propaganda, advertisement etc. And we recycle, but not used in the paper. Why. Paper coated plastic film cannot be separated. And not coated and is difficult to achieve beautiful and durable. What film, with film machine over the film liquid, is not only save money and beautiful. Of course is more environmentally friendly. Save money, labeling it picture three to four yuan per square meter. The film? As long as 0. 4 yuan. Quick, laminating machine a 10 metres per minute. Drench membrane 60 square meters per hour. Scratch resistant, leaching on leaching liquid membrane. No matter how sharp strokes there will be no scratches. Of course, can be cut with scissors. Otherwise, that won't do the iron sheet
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