Common vacuum forming machine

Laminating machine's cutting edge membrane device and collection device

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
Drench film and film trimming device and collecting device is a composite laminating machine two important configuration, then the two devices in the whole machine have what effect? Poor state machinery technology center for you to do the following analysis: composite laminating machine configuration of edge cutting device has the advantages of compact structure, convenient online real-time adjustment, common composite laminating machine configuration of the stationary trimming device, cutting edge width of membrane is difficult to online real time control, even cutting to the base material, cause waste bag. With the development of modern technology, better state mechanical trimming device set the LP system, realize the online adjustable precision trimming, save raw material production. Precise and steady cutting and online collection device, for a composite laminating machine is very necessary. Break through the traditional mode of production, innovation is a professional film production configuration machine manufacturing enterprises need to have the quality.
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