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Laminating machine products widely praised

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Laminating machine consists of feeding device, extrusion machine, mold, rolling mechanism, composite structure, winding, edge position control device, trimming device, heating and cooling system, electrical control system and other parts. According to the different products need to add a second paper, printing equipment, oven, base material surface processing equipment ( The electric airsick, etc. ) , online part thickness gauge, etc. Before equipment: granulating machine, printing machine or other equipment; Process after the equipment: cutting machine or other equipment. In fact, through the photo, on the surface of the canvas with oily liquid leaching film layer width of about one meter small devices is the real 'shower' film machine, generally used in the field of studio, with small mechanical belongs to daily life. Composite materials production line and line speed greatly wide belong to light industry machinery, according to the packaging and printing and machinery manufacturing industry standards should be called the extrusion flow delay composite unit. Film factory technical team of experienced, strong research ability, make laminating machine equipment is stable and reliable, is your ideal product.
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