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Laminating machine in winter how should maintain

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
In recent days the weather began to turn cold, around us, the thing is in silently change state so as to adapt to the coming of the cold tone. Manufacturing enterprise of laminating machinery production in cold weather effect has been dropped, Yang Ge warn broad manufacturing companies, film equipment also need to adjust the state of good performance for 'the winter'. Winter often appear when use laminating machine production roll mark obvious phenomenon. Imagined roll mark because of low winter temperatures, most of the film machine used in our country did not bring their own heating device, when the liquid film laminating by climate low sticky hair thick. In the face of this phenomenon, the enterprise should give laminating machine adjust the state of the winter heating equipment installation, installation of heating device can make the film machine has remained constant temperature 35 degrees, thus reducing the roll marks because of the temperature influence. Laminating machine mechanical power also needs to increase during the winter, can prevent drench membrane curing effect is bad. Laminating machine production performance, the effect of the production and the production quality is closely related to climate has a little nature, enterprises should understand the performance of the film machine manufacturing industry, to better play to the advantages of machinery.
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