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Laminating machine in printing on the classification of what

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
Laminating machine in printing on the classification of what? Stretch film composite extrusion machine, the manufacturer and user habit called fumo machine industry, as part of the, also known as laminating machine, stretch film machine, stretch film machine, stretch film extrusion laminating machine, coating machine, coating machine, coating composite machine ( Inaccurate, actually refers to the hot melt adhesive knife coater) , it is a kind of extrusion molding machinery. With automation, simple operation, high productivity and coating thickness uniformity, high adhesion fastness, coiling highly flat and level, environmental protection, no pollution, save raw materials and artificial cost advantage, in Europe and the United States, growth mature, gradually began to applications in recent years, domestic is alternative dry compound, the inevitable trend of hot melt adhesive coating compound. Laminating machine main category A, according to the classification of the extrusion speed: 1, low-speed flow delay composite extrusion machine, 2 medium stretch film composite extrusion machine 3, high speed extrusion flow compound second, according to the base material layer classification: 1, 2 single-base film machine, more than base material laminated machine 3, three black film machine, depending on the type of substrate material classification: 1, 2 paper composite machine, plastic film laminating machine 3, non-woven fabric, non - Composite woven/film machine 4, woven cloth machine 5, mesh cloth composite machine 6, other substrate film machine
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