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Laminating machine in daily use when how should maintain

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Laminating machine is also known as stretch film composite extrusion machine, main is a kind of extrusion molding machinery, automated process is very high, and operating more simple, faster production, first started to use in the United States and Europe, and has been in Europe and the development of more mature, in recent years began to gradually applied to domestic, laminating machine has gradually in alternative dry coating compound machine, hot melt adhesive, etc. , used in our daily life confidential to film laminating machine for maintenance, in order to achieve the result of long service life, after use will check carefully whether the temperature control device of laminating machine in good condition, the heating temperature is controlled at every point should be within a certain range 2, check the traction speed laminating machine is in the normal range, but also control the film thickness, if necessary, adjust the thickness of the thin film uniform, 3 fold path to conform to the standard range, check the purity of raw materials, don't mix impurities, especially some of the mixed with iron, therefore, to use iron to check in time, control the ratio of raw material, and when use to raw material mix
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