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Hydraulic surface high-precision cutting machine features

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
Hydraulic surface high-precision cutting machine USES and features: 1, double oil cylinder, precise four-column double connecting rod automatic balance mechanism, guarantee the depth of each cutting position precision of 0. 2mm。 2, when the cutting head down in front of the cutting knife 10 mm automatic slow, when cutting multilayer material, no size error between the top and bottom layers. 3, because the cutting precision balance degree, can greatly reduce the loss of die cutter and cutting board, cutting edge has a better effect, more to reduce the consumption of the cutting board. 4, special die set structure to fit the cutting knife and cutting height, contributing to simple and accurate adjustment of stroke. 5, hydraulic system control, to ensure the die-cutting speed and precision of the machine, all the sliding connection parts adopt the central oil supply automatic lubricating device to minimize wear. The central automatic lubrication system can guarantee the machine precision and enhance machine durability. 6 rot and mechanical safety protection devices, equipped with safety protective isolation cover, make the operation more secure.
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