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How to remove the rust on the surface of the cup machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Cup machine shell adopts metal materials, metal such as environment, temperature influence, often can appear rust, the rust will affect the mechanical life and performance. So, must promptly remove the rust on the surface of the cup printing machine. At present, there are two kinds of commonly used method of cleaning, mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Mechanical cleaning for large area, large quantities of relatively simple shape parts, or combinations of local have rust or a variety of metal pieces. Chemical cleaning for medium and small volume, single metal parts. The two methods of rust removal there are differences in the efficiency and quality derusting. Mechanical descaling methods mainly include grinding, grinding, shot blasting, etc. , to make machine according to the degree of rust, the precision of the parts, and choose the descaling methods, such as size requirements. A den of rust removal according to cup machine material, shape and dimension precision of rust removal. Cup printing machine and other machinery in use for a long time in the inevitable will appear rusty, so the need for mechanical maintenance regularly, reducing the occurrence of rust.
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