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How to make the sheet machine with life longer and longer?

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
How to make the sheet machine with life longer and longer? Sheet machine can also use life longer and longer? In fact, many machinery can be, as long as you buy back, good to maintenance, correct operation! Longer than the other, it is very simple, so, how to maintain sheet machine? Let yong xu plastic machinery factory to tell us! System cup machines, I believe that everyone in the industry is not strange, it is a mainly used for disposable plastic cups, plates, bowls and other processing production tools, in recent years as the growth of the market demand, the using range of lid machine is becoming more and more wide, quickly in the mass production, at present, our country's sheet machine material, environmental protection and energy saving, and the advantages of uniform plasticizing, known as the international mechanical products with Chinese characteristics, in the future, by perfecting sheet machine, into the international market as soon as possible. Sheet machine structure mainly has three parts, the cups printer head, body and tail, realize the normal operation of the machinery and equipment, in addition to the structure of the above three parts, also contains another important part of frequency converter, it is used to over the age of three most speed regulation control. The nose is processing components of plastic extrusion section, is an important choice for speed regulation; The structure of the fuselage is rolling processing component; The tail is a sheet for final winding structure, under the action of small cylinder is winding piles, for stacking, transportation. Sheet machine in the process of maintenance, common sense has the following four points: 1, good maintenance can prolong the service life of sheet machine, at the same time can reduce the failure frequency of daily. 2, timing regular of BOPS thermoforming machine to conduct a comprehensive inspection. 3, if have a power outage, such as emergency cases, should machine power supply shut down immediately. 4, a new sheet machine in use after 500 hours, need to grind gear reducer for a comprehensive clean. Finish reading the article, remember well maintain your machine!
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