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How to maintain your paper-plastic laminating machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
According to the theory of paper-plastic laminating machine is divided into three parts: charging, melting period, homogenization section, at the end of the charging part of the melt season started, according to the melting of the theory, the temperature should be viscous flow. All kinds of film temperature viscous flow respectively: 164 - 105-175 degrees Celsius, PE: 135 degrees Celsius, PA: 195 210 degrees Celsius. Into the material during the load, reduce the temperature, prevent filled with resin imported viscous flow, in addition, the charging time of resin continuously compressed, with air discharge through the shipment. According to the different equipment structure, material mouth without electric heating, heat transfer, but through the barrel temperature of about 50 - mouth 90 degrees. In this way, the feed temperature. The entrance to a 50 - 90 degrees, and finally is equal to the melting point or viscous flow temperature, the temperature on the section can be divided into geometric linear temperature. The temperature of the melting period at the beginning of viscous flow melt crystallization temperature, resin, viscous flow temperature is equal to the melting temperature. Compression, and then increase the melt layer, it needs a temperature rise, the resin molecular chain length, the thermal motion of different polymer energy integration, to establish the temperature of the melting, can be divided into the part is the other part of the linear temperature. In the homogenization, mainly melt homogenization and quantitative output constant temperature constant pressure melting, can keep constant temperature, or end of a slightly higher temperature ( 2 - 5 degrees or so) 。 Need by touching the temperature is low, but can not be lower than viscous flow temperature, easy to carry and ordinary blown film. Melt at the entrance has certain viscosity, not to break the membrane, the phenomenon such as falling film. Generally speaking, it is lower than at the end of the homogenizing 10 to 30 degrees, the part from the homogenizing contact oral temperature algorithm can also be seen as temperature decreases. How to maintain your paper-plastic laminating machine: 1, the feeding machine maintenance, dismantling filter should be clean, test gas leak negative pressure system. 2, extruder, system maintenance and inspection instrument cleaning equipment to replace the network device in a timely manner. Check the gear box, screw, main electric opportunities there will be no noise and overheating. Clean the motor and frequency converter dust in a timely manner. Thermoelectric of actual temperature measurement and prevent errors. 3, die system maintenance: use secondary heating methods start heating. The key materials in the use of pure copper scraper cleaning products, wax cleaning film, foam reduce the effects of deposition. Parking in a timely manner after protective cover, to avoid the mould damage. Check in time every temperature zone and membrane heating plug-in temperature, current, temperature correction. Check the die head matching with traction and the center. Use the torque wrench mold screw removed. Don't put the mold welding, cutting. 4, the wind ring maintenance: dust removing debris. 5, electrical maintenance: ensure paper-plastic laminating mechanical and electrical source of security and stability, to ensure that the proper temperature, clean up the dust. Want to extend the service life of paper-plastic laminating machine, use the matters needing attention will strictly abide by, can reduce mechanical wear and make other problems in the process of use: 1, may be due to transportation damage to electrical components or line first, should strictly check, ensure the personal safety, the switch must be connected earth wire, and then open the power supply, strict inspection machine to run every part of the right, and pay attention to whether the leakage phenomenon. 2, when installation should pay attention to adjust the center line of vertical and horizontal extruder and traction roller center shall not deviate from the tilt. 3, when winding is gradually increasing because of the winding diameter, please note with traction speed and winding speed, please adjust. 4, host, open, pay close attention to the host running situation and adjust, change, electrical instrumentation, to ensure the normal operation of the controller. 5, host, gear box, traction reducer should come, often change gear oil, the new use of 10 days or so, please change to new gear oil, in order to ensure the normal operation of rotating parts, please note that to prevent the damage and overheating, but you should also check the connection part of the situation closely, prevent Luo Shuan is loose. 6, should maintain a moderate amount of compressed air pipe, in the process of traction, please send the compressed air leakage. In 7, always clean up the replacement filter head, prevent blockage, watch the plastic pellets mixed iron shaw, impurities such as sand, stone, to avoid damaging the screw cylinder. 8, it is strictly prohibited without material space motor, cylinder, tee, die temperature, does not conform to the requirements of host cannot be started. 9, start the main motor, start the motor after slow speed; Close the main motor, should slow down, and then turn it off. 10, preheating, heat shoulds not be too long, too high, in order to avoid material jam.
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