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How to improve the system of cup machine production hygiene

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
System in the process of production of the cup, cup machine produced by cup often appear black spots, feeding point, such as the problem of pollution, is this why? Pollution are many factors of production, often by some not very professional, inexperienced management oversight, generally they will some not too proper measures are taken, so we should how to respond? Considering the system there are people who do not speak hygiene between cup locomotive is the biggest cause of product contamination. So, to the artificial custom specifications: 1. Into making a cup of locomotive work have to be constrained to the hair and beard, may not have long hair and long beard. This is because the production of static electricity will bare hair into the machine. 2. In the specified system cup machines production area are not allowed to chew gum, diet, and smoking. This is because the uncivilized behavior increases finished cups of black spots, food waste is likely to attract insects, dumpling, flies to cause secondary pollution. 3. Not in the factory to wear jewelry, jewelry, false eyelashes, false nails and nail polish, if these things will fall into the material contamination ingredients and sheet. 4. Employee health check-up and have health CARDS. 5. To wear a uniform, clean uniforms.
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