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How to control the machine laminating composite clearance

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
The compound air gap gap laminating machine, whether it is cooling roller and pressure roller die lip composite tangent distance, can maintain a certain amount of clearance height, is advantageous to the melt oxidation, fully improve the peel strength of composite film. Tube for heat sealing composite plastic woven cloth coating technical requirements can be achieved according to the technical requirement. Composite film by machine translation structure design concept, using the beam vertical arm, his space structure can be either in mobile ground, plenty of production space, also can easily by adjusting the height and Angle of two composite roller tangent to promote the adjustment of air gap to achieve. Adjust machine laminating composite air gap of the tensile strength of the composite cylinder cloth than cylinder cloth fabric has increased by six percent to eight percent of the production benefit, keep step comple the elongation at break of consistent with the original, the peel strength more than the international standard. Laminating machine, in other words, the composite air gap of the composite plastic woven tube of plastic coated process requirement is to be implemented through adjusting
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