Common vacuum forming machine

How to carry out the printing machine safety operation, and maintenance of warranty

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
1. Only under the supervision of license with the appropriate operational machine. 2. Published before operation, all of the safety measures and equipped with should be prepared. 3. If the machine without stop, should avoid to start afresh. 4. Before start the machine, should check whether someone in other adjustment work. 5. All tools should be in place, ring the bell at the same time notify the other workmates. 6. If the noise is too big, application of earplugs. 7. Should avoid to put your hands on the machine rotating parts of the digital printing [ Wikipedia weibo] , the body also not by machine. 8. Machine start, don't drilling machine operating some adjustment work. 9. Don't try to from the plate or the ink roller on leather or paper scraps out of ink. 10. Not in the machine away, wiped roller or rubber roller. 11. Do not save paper. 12. Application of cloth, should be folded it, avoid being drawn into the machine inside the term, if there is accident, and do not try to back to the cloth. 13. Regularly check the version and rubber cloth is loose. 14. Apply the correct lubrication tools and lubricants for maintenance work. 15. Lubrication work should strictly and with persistence. 16. In maintenance and repair, the total power should be shut, make sure that all components are locked, avoid the risk of sudden drop down. 17. During the period of maintenance investment procurement, should put warning on the power switch board, in order to prevent others to start the machine.
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