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Hot plastic market supply and demand analysis

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
As the weather gets warmer, the domestic plastic upstream and downstream starts gradually increased, especially the north seasonal factors, the downstream will gradually started. Plastic market supply and demand in March from February hotter, including plastic products to supply the most fervent, followed by general plastics, engineering plastics, plastic additives and plastic machinery. This reflected from the side, starts to ascend, raw materials and products consumption is slowly rising. We are looking for, the fire is still plastic additives, followed by engineering plastics, general plastic, plastic products and plastic machinery for light. March hot plastic market supply specific products are glass fiber, plastic bags, blown film machine, bag making machine, high and low voltage film blowing machine, high-speed bag making machine, computer bag making machine, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, plastic film machine, high-speed computer bag making machine, PVC film blowing machine, ordinary film blowing machine, extruder, ABS, plastic toys, talcum powder, PET, die head, color masterbatch, fire-proof material, PE, plastic, sheet, DOP, etc. Table: plastic market ranking № 2009 March. Plastic cover № 1. Plastic raw materials № 2. Plastic products № 3. № 4 glass fiber. 5 № plastic bags. № 6 injection molding products. № 7 the extruder. 8 ABS№。 № 9 imported toys. Talcum powder in March 2009-10 Hot plastic market supplies, plastic products to supply the most fiery, continues the heat in February. 21% of plastic products 48%, followed by the general plastic, plastic additives, 14% 9% engineering plastics, plastic machinery 8%. Photo: - Hot plastic market supply situation
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