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High speed machine with automatic film laminating machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
High speed film machine, including console, compound rubber roller, composite cold roll, composite cold roll machine, low temperature drying oven, storage rack, swing arm, blanking press agency, receiving, receiving machine, composite cold roll motor traction composite cold roller rotation, receiving motor traction rack rotation. One for adjusting the volume tension and membrane material of storage rack lifting traction frequency conversion motor storage rack up and down; Above the blanking press agency Settings are also used for the transfer film base material and make the winding tightness consistent secondary tracting pressing roller and the second drawing scroll, secondary scroll through secondary traction frequency conversion motor traction. This laminating machine solves the winding cutting speed when the roll of film base material changes any negative problems, improve the rate of good products. Automatic laminating machine, is mainly composed of frame, speed regulating motor, roulette, liquid paint recycling barrel, fixture fluid circulation system structure, components and paint rack set speed regulating motor and spindle, speed regulating motor through a transmission components connected with wheel bracket, the top of the wheel bracket is equipped with wheel frame, wheel bracket attached to the central spindle, wheel rack with multiple liquid paint recycling barrel, lacquer liquid recycling barrel in wearing a fixture components, fixture components connected to the fixed to the wheel rack of the micro motor, then there are also wear ring on the spindle power rack, ring with ring power supply power, live ring power supply with micro motor connection. The laminating machine adopts the rotation of the disk type multi-location uninterrupted realizes high-speed production, by pouring liquid paint directly on the processing objects, the adhesion of the paint liquid under the action of centrifugal force, spray evenly attached to processing the surface of the object, product surface coating plump, uniform thickness, equipment cost is low, very suitable for small factory to choose.
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